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That's right! With a focus on great taste and wholesome ingredients, there’s never been a better time to eat a Lunch Mate™ kit.

Or flavours!

Or flavours!

Our Products

That's right! With a focus on great taste and wholesome ingredients, there’s never been a better time to eat a Lunch Mate™ kit.

Lunch Mate™ Lunch Kits


Hi, I'm Nelly

In the words of her favourite artist, Picasso, “Everything you can imagine is real.” Nelly creates beautiful art to express all the amazing worlds she imagines in her mind. Shy and sensitive, she likes to be on the outside looking in, happily eating up her tasty Lunch Mate™ Bologna Stackers  while observing the shenanigans of her monster friends.


Hi, I'm Fritz

There’s no need to worry with Fritz around – he worries enough for everyone! What if I lose my Lunch Mate™ Ham Stackers? What if I drop them on the floor and I starve?! What if we don’t have enough Lunch Mate to survive the apocalypse?! Lucky for Fritz, his monster friends are really good at reminding him the world isn’t ending.


Hi, I'm Sammi

Who’s the sweetest monster you’ll ever meet? It’s sweet Sammi, of course. Not just because of his helping hand, but because of his sweet tooth too! If you ask Sammi, the best part of his Lunch Mate™ Kielbassa Stackers is that tasty treat at the end. And the second best part? Getting to enjoy Lunch Mate with all his monster friends.

Summer Sausage

Hi, I'm Bill

Looking for an answer? Bill is your monster. He’s full of fun facts, like the last one he shared with his monster friends: “Hey monsters! Did you know there are more than 2000 varieties of cheese in the world?!” With all that encyclopedic knowledge, what’s a fun fact about Bill? The only time he pulls his nose out of his book is to bite into Lunch Mate™ Summer Sausage Stackers!


Hi, I'm Ozzie

Knock, knock! Who’s there? It’s Ozzie, with a joke in his pocket and a twinkle in his eye! This tricky little monster loves a great prank, almost as much as he loves his Lunch Mate™ Turkey Stackers. It’s no wonder he always gobbles up the laughs! Like they say, you are what you eat.

Two Cheese Pizza

Hi, I'm Sunny

Dreary days are no match for Sunny’s cheerful personality. She’s the first to look on the bright side and the last to get the blues. Always an optimist, Sunny remembers that even when things don’t go her way, there’s bound to be another delicious Lunch Mate™ Two Cheese Pizza right around the corner!

Pepperoni Pizza

Hi, I’m Manny

A natural in the spotlight, Manny brings pizzazz to everything he does. Never one to shy away from an audience, he’s sure to break into song and dance after eating his favourite Lunch Mate™ Pepperoni Pizza kit. With a lunch like that, he’ll be singing and dancing his way to Broadway in no time.

Hot Dogs

Hi, I’m Flash

Flash is full of great ideas. Her monster friends usually find her lost in thought, dreaming up amazing inventions from flying hot-dog-mobiles to hot-dog- making robots. Flash hopes to one day become a famous inventor like Thomas Edison! Until then she’ll keep working on her next big idea while munching on her favourite Lunch Mate™ Hot Dogs.

Mini Burgers

Hi, I’m Kerby

No monster is quite as keen as Kerby! Whether he’s trying a tasty new snack or simply getting excited about lunch time, Kerby approaches life head-on with enthusiasm and wonder. And of all the exciting activities in the whole world, which one is his favourite? Of course, it’s stuffing that curious, toothy grin with Lunch Mate™ Mini-Burgers kit.

Chicken Mini-Burgers

Hi, I’m Misty

When there’s news to share, Misty is there. She’s always hungry for a side of scandal with her Lunch Mate™ Chicken Mini-Burgers kit. Whether she’s listening to the latest playground gossip, tuning into MonsterTube or trading juicy stories at drama club, you’ll find her jaw dropping with shock and surprise.

Chicken Dunkers Ketchup

Hi, I’m Teddy

Don’t let those big purple horns fool you. Teddy is warm and fuzzy inside and out! With his wide grin and cheerful chuckle, Teddy is always the first to give his monster friends a hug when they’re feeling down. And with such a generous spirit, it’s no wonder that at meal time, you’ll find him sharing his Lunch Mate™ Chicken Dunkers kit with everyone around.

Chicken Dunkers Plum Sauce

Hi, I’m Winnie

One look at those crazy eyes and you can tell: Winnie sure isn’t afraid to unleash her inner monster. Her adventurous spirit means she’ll jump at the chance
to try anything new. While she may be unpredictable, there’s one thing she’s guaranteed to go wild for, and that’s Lunch Mate™ Chicken Dunkers with Plum Sauce kit!


Hi, I'm Ozlo

With all three eyes on his Lunch Mate™ Nachos with Cheese & Salsa kit, there’s no chance anyone’s getting their hands on Ozlo’s meal! Focused and observant, this monster can spot a tasty snack a mile away. And if there happen to be leftovers lying around, they won’t last long with Ozlo nearby.

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